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VaaGa Academy is here to help students with the personalised and effective academic plan for the session to achieve their goal by constantly monitoring students’ progress and guiding them through in the right direction. Personal attention on the student to solve all the subject related queries and boost their confidence.

  • Personalised and interactive Live Private and Group classes
  • Experienced and Well qualified tutors
  • Tutor replacement guarantee
  • Best education at comfort and safety of your home
  • Regular test to track the progress
  • Regular progress reporting to parents
  • Focus on conceptual learning

Why To Choose VaaGa Academy?

Personalised Live Private online class

Engaging, Interactive and customized learning experience

Group Class

Engaging and interactive group classes, encouraging group discussion

Interactive Learning Tools

Various tools and resources to enhance your learning experience

Regular progress update

Regular progress report and constructive feedback to achieve academic success

Anytime and Anywhere

Freedom to learn from anywhere with guidance from expert Tutors from all over the country

Flexible Payment cycles

Convenient monthly subscription model available for fees payment

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Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly! Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Student Platform @VaaGa Academy:

Our personalised approach helps the student to have a better understanding about the subject and having online class will reduce the travel time which can be used in a constructive way. One-on-One interaction will always give better result than group tuitions.

No, you have to complete the registration process before taking the demo class. The free demo class will help you to have a better understanding about the way in which the future classes will be conducted.

The tuition fees have to be paid in advance. You can opt for monthly subscription or full course plan.

In this case we provide 100% Tutor replacement guarantee. You will be assigned a new expert Tutor immediately for uninterrupted learning.

Yes, we provide 100% Tutor replacement guarantee. You can send a request mail for changing the Tutor and we will assign a new expert Tutor.

Yes, Tutor will upload the notes and assignments during the class which will be available on the student dashboard.

Yes, all the video recordings will be available to the student after the class. You can watch the recording again in case you have of any doubt or for revision.

Yes, regular assessments will be conducted after completion of every topic.

Personalised approach and individual attention on the student will help in good understanding of subject concepts, boost confidence and give good results.

Presentation and class video recordings will be available for later reference and can be viewed again by the student in case on any doubt. Regular tests will be conducted to track the performance of the student.

Yes, through ‘Contact Us’ page on portal you can seek assistance from the VaaGa Academy support team. If you have any questions, technical issues, or need guidance, you can reach out to the support team directly through the portal.